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Does NeoBux or Clixsense referral generator tool work?

You have all seen a ad by clicking on NeoBux or Clixsense that say referral generator tool; just change the name of the site in the ad; it offers you for an incredible price of 3$ and for a limited time of 24 hours; a miraculous and magnificent system called “Referral Generator Tool” and urge you to you pay the 3$; and so they will provide you with that miracle with which you will get asset referrals for your NeoBux and Clixsense accounts. And what happens when you pay the 3 dollars?

You download a PDF for referral generator

The one who thanks you and tells you that the first thing you need to get referrals is an own blog!

you go to Blogguer or another website and you think a web page (that simple) and when you have created it; send an email to Sales@————.ws to get the Referral Generator Tool (Take Now!!)

So let’s suppose you do…….What happens next?

You send them an email with your website address and this is what they answer:

They tell you. Here’s the tool and they point out a url, with caution you go and find this:

As you can see in order to start the “automated process” they ask for your name, email and website.

Beware of these scammers

And that you obligatory register in a few sites that you see that three of the following which are SCAM in addition; put your ID, copies the code of the banner that they attach and paste it in the main page of your web.

(In addition your web must have a pagerank 2 of google when in the PDF they sent you; they told you that you could create a new website); and give it to send to start and what happens?


It redirects you to this page they have a screenshot translated by Google.

Do not spend the money with these scammers, unfortunately the network is full of people like that; I hope it serves so that no one else fill their pockets, a greeting and thank you for reading me.

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